Mae Surin Falls

Mae Surin Falls photo - 1
Mae Surin Falls photo - 2

Mae Surin Falls photo - 3
Mae Surin Falls photo - 4
Mae Surin Falls photo - 5

Waterfall – the fall of water in the river from the ledge.

In contrast to river rapids, for waterfalls characterized by a sharp drop in the height of the river bottom and the sheer drop.
Mae Surin Falls – a classic waterfall, the waters of a wide stream flow through the ledge.

Incredible beauty that is not open to everyone. In order to see Mae Surin Falls, you have to go a long way.
Some of them are near mountain villages or towns. And some waterfalls are hiding high in the mountains.
To see them, you have to go kilometers, and mostly up. But a hard trip to the top will justify itself.
From there, incredible panoramic landscapes open – forests, villages – small, like toy.

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