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Adamsons Falls is a 50 metre high plunging waterfall near Hastings Caves State Reserve in Tasmania.

To access Adamsons Falls, walkers must drive past the Hastings Caves Thermal Springs, then turn right up Chestermans Road. Take the next left and the trailhead is reached. The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service have recently done some clearing, so the track is fairly straightforward. Allow 2 hours return to reach the falls.The track comes out at the base of the main drop, but there are also many smaller drops further downstream.

Also in the area is Creekton Falls, less than 2 kilometres walk away from Adamsons Falls, but unfortunately the track between the two waterfalls is extremely rough and only for experienced walkers.

Adamsons falls is a short walk in the south of Tasmania.  The falls are pretty impressive after some heavy rain but expect some water and bog on the track.

Allow about 2-3 hours return depending on the number of stops for food and photos.  If you are also doing Creekton falls I would add allow another 1.5 – 2 hours as the track is slow going.

To access the Creekton falls track, cross the creek at the base of the main waterfall.  From memory there are a few rocks that can be used to avoid wading through the creek.  This will all depend on the amount of water coming down the waterfall.  Once on the other side you should be able to spot some pink ribbon indicating the track to Creekton falls.

The track to Adamsons falls is not in the best condition but it is easy to follow.  Walking from Adamsons falls to Creekton falls is slightly trickier as the track is somewhat overgrown and less obvious.


Magnitude Unavailable
Absolute Magnitude Unavailable
IWC Rating Unavailable
Global Score Not Rated
Country Score Not Rated
State Score Not Rated


Location -43.3638, 146.8458
Elevation 0 feet (asl)


Total Height 240 feet 73 meters
Tallest Drop
Num of Drops 2
Avg. Width
Max. Width
Avg. High Volume (0 months)
Avg. Low Volume (12 months)
Flow Consistency
Best Flow

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