Guara Falls

Gurara Waterfalls

is located in Gurara, a local government area of Niger State, North Central Nigeria.The waterfalls is approximately 30metres in height and it lies on the Gurara river along the Suleja-Minna Road.

Geographically located in Niger State on the road between Suleja and Minna, the waterfalls span 200 meters across with a sheer drop of 30 meters. Gurara river is a large tributary of river Niger and it’s always in full spate during the rain seasons.

Apparently in January the falls are a trickle and visitors can swim in clear pools at the bottom of the falls. Visitors can take a day trip to the gushing Gurara Waterfalls – an hour drive out of the city of Abuja.

It can not be called the highest, but the speed of its flow is so powerful that the water foams and, going down, it breaks down on the foot of the waterfall (in the pool, at the bottom of the waterfall You can swim only in the dry season, for example, in January, when only a thin trickle remains of its flow). And nearby, if desired, travelers can make a halt by having a picnic in nature (the neighborhood is a good place for bird watching).

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