Guide Falls

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The Guide Falls and Upper Guide Falls, a tiered–cascade waterfall on the Guide River, is located in the North West region of Tasmania, Australia.


Location and features

The waterfalls are situated about 19km south of Burnie at an elevation of 187 metres (614 ft) above sea level and descend in the range of 22–38 metres (72–125 ft).

To access the falls from Burnie, take the road towards Cradle Mountain, and then turn right just outside the boundary of Ridgley and continue down into the gully and turn left at a posted gate sign. Once entered, the Guide River is to the right and continue to drive up the gravel road where the falls are located. The top is safe and there are great view from the fenced lookout. There is also a set of steps that lead down to the bottom of the falls. Around the vicinity there are also picnic tables and barbecue areas.


Magnitude Unavailable
Absolute Magnitude Unavailable
IWC Rating Unavailable
Global Score Not Rated
Country Score Not Rated
State Score Not Rated


Location -41.1581, 145.8035
Elevation 0 feet (asl)


Total Height    
Tallest Drop    
Num of Drops 2
Avg. Width    
Max. Width    
Stream Guide River
Avg. High Volume (0 months)  
Avg. Low Volume (12 months)  
Flow Consistency  
Best Flow    



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