Three Sisters Falls

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Tres Hermanas Falls (Spanish for Three Sisters) is reportedly the third tallest waterfall in the world, with a height of 914 metres (2,999 ft). It is located inside Otishi National Park, near the northern fork of the Cutivireni River, in the Peruvian region of

Tres Hermanas is a tiered waterfall, with three drops or sections and is surrounded by montane forest.

Peru is a region of Ayacucho, far removed from civilization. The world has learned about the waterfall just recently. A group of photographers headed for an expedition to take another waterfall – Cataratas, 267 meters tall. But unexpectedly travelers have discovered another miracle of nature. The waterfall got its name thanks to the structure. It consists of three tiers separated from each other. From the air you can see only two of them, and the third – a huge pool, where the water falls as a result. The waterfall is surrounded by tall trees reaching 30 meters.

The waterfall is located in the mountains of Cordillera-Oriental, on an unnamed passage, on the left bank of the Rio-Coutavirini River (Yené → Tambo → Ukayali), in the southeastern part of the Junin Peru region, in the National Park of Otishi (Parque Nacional Otishi), for 170 km west of the administrative center of the region – Huancayo and 370 km west of the capital of the country – Lima.

The water of the waterfall falls down into a deep canyon, with five ledges at a height of 914 m. The width of the waterfall is 12 m; on average, it discharges 1 m³ of water every second, and in the period of flooding, the water flow can reach 6 m³ / s. In height, the Three Sisters falls third in the world after the falls of Angel (979 m) and Tugela (948 m).


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